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Welcome to the Modern Finance Institute. We aim to advance financial research, build connections between academics and practitioners, and help professionals grow. We accomplish these goals through scholarly publishing, organizing conferences, and fostering community dialogue. Join us in our mission to explore and deepen our understanding of finance and economics.

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Advancing Finance and Business Studies

We are dedicated to supporting and strengthening the development of financial research.

Promoting Financial Literacy

We aim to increase financial literacy and promote the practical application of financial knowledge.

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Professional Development

We are committed to advancing the professional skills of finance scholars and preparing them for leadership in their respective fields.

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Welcome to the Modern Finance Institute

About us

Welcome to the Modern Finance Institute. Founded in 2023, our institution is committed to fostering the growth of financial research. We believe that a sound understanding of these fields is crucial for the development of society, and we are dedicated to promoting and expanding this understanding both within Poland and globally.


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Modern Finance journal

The Modern Finance Institute publishes an independent open-access scholarly publication, the journal Modern Finance. The journal welcomes original studies across all areas of finance. With a commitment to rigorous theoretical and empirical research, the journal aims to foster the global exchange of ideas and advance financial understanding and practice. MR was founded in 2023 and is published quarterly.

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Modern Finance Conference

The Modern Finance Institute hosts the Modern Finance Conference, an annual scholarly event that brings together researchers in finance to collaborate, exchange knowledge, and showcase their ground breaking research. This gathering serves as a meeting point, fostering intellectual discourse and allowing researchers to engage in thought-provoking presentations, explore emerging research trends, and actively participate in collaborative discussions.

Our journey is one of continuous discovery and knowledge sharing in finance and economics

We invite you to join us to contribute to a financially literate society and stimulate socio-economic progress.