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Welcome to the Modern Finance Institute

Welcome to the Modern Finance Institute. Founded in 2023, our institution is committed to fostering the growth of financial research. We believe that a sound understanding of these fields is crucial for the development of society, and we are dedicated to promoting and expanding this understanding both within Poland and globally.

Our mission is to support the development of financial sciences, facilitate cooperation between academics and practitioners, and cultivate the professional qualifications of those within the scientific community. We strive to increase the financial literacy of society, stimulate socio-economic growth in Poland, and promote progress internationally.

Our goals are


Advancing Finance and Business Studies

We are dedicated to supporting and strengthening the development of financial research.


Promoting Financial Literacy

We aim to increase financial literacy and promote the practical application of financial knowledge.


Bridging Academia and Industry

Our goal is to foster productive collaboration between finance scholars and business practitioners, creating an environment that facilitates the exchange of ideas and the development of innovative strategies.

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Professional Development

We are committed to advancing the professional skills of finance scholars and preparing them for leadership in their respective fields.


Socio-Economic Development

We are passionate about harnessing the power of financial sciences to stimulate socio-economic growth and are committed to promoting the socio-economic development of Poland.

To achieve our mission, we undertake a variety of initiatives

  • We stimulate, support, and conduct academic research.
  • We publish academic literature, including books and academic journals in finance and economics.
  • We organize academic conferences and seminars and provide training, workshops, and courses in finance and economics.
  • We provide financial support for specific projects and offer donations through scientific equipment, books, journals, and other scientific aids.
  • We offer financial, technical, educational, and informational support to individuals and organizations that align with the goals of our foundation.

Our journey is one of continuous discovery and knowledge sharing in finance and economics

We invite you to join us to contribute to a financially literate society and stimulate socio-economic progress.